Welcome and Many Blessings to You!

Many of my clients are focused on better health, improved relationships, fitness performance, and career goals.
Distance therapy/coaching is done in the convenience of your own home using a holistic approach to remove emotional and stressful tensions out of the mind and bio-energy field, robbing you of your joy and goals.

Treatment focuses not only removing unwanted patterns that are running in the subconscious but also replacing desirable patterns in all levels of consciousness (bio field or aura, meridian system and chakra system).

Many "out of the box" techniques are used including spirit work, soul detective work, past-live and transforming darkness into light.  In addition to individual therapy, I am also a consultant for energy professionals, and teach workshops.

With an extensive education in clinical psychology, comprehensive energy medicine, qigong, and yoga, I specialize in helping people raise and integrate their powerful Kundalini energy. I am the author of Kundalini, Empowering the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul and developed the online energy training program Kundalini Awakening Transformation Therapy (KATT).

I also offer a self-empowering Ultimate Health for Success online nutritional and wellness course towards living life happy healthy and triumphantly.  

"I live in Canada and see Debora for distance healing twice a week. Debora helps me meditate and release stress. She has helped me stop drinking and loose weight"

"The soul detective and spirit work freed me from a weight I've carried for such a long time"

" In just one session, I was able to get rid of emotional trauma that I worked on for years in therapy with some of the things Debora said while I tapped on points of my body. She is helping me feel deserving for all of the wonderful things life has to offer"

"I found Debora from a Google search about Dyslexia, and  what she wrote about her own challenges in her book on Kundalini. She has helped me with the writing stress and challenges of law school. I signed up with her Kundalini energy online training. The chakra yoga helps me to connect to my body and be grounded and centered.

Inspired Quote by Ellen Grace O'Brian:

"To enhance your strength, inwardly affirm: the wisdom of God indwells me, the power of God is within me, the peace of God sustains me, and the joy of God overflows through me.