Are you a highly sensitive person who needs a good clearing because of other people’s negative energy you take on for being such a light in this world? Empower your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul with an eclectic approach to Energy Therapy and Transformation. Each session will empower you to resolve blockages that keep you from living out your highest potential in life. Let me assist you through any stress, challenges, illness, trauma, life changes, goals, frustrations, fatigue, depression, weight loss, fitness goals, relationships, and more. I can help you to focus on how to follow your inner guidance and recognize how to restore balance providing self-empowering techniques towards health and wellness. Together, we use the right techniques for each session, such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Soul Detective/Retrieval, past life, Chakra clearing, energy medicine, yoga, qigong, mediation, and mindfulness. I will assist you in guided relaxation, energy clearing and balancing, mental clarity, happiness, motivation, goal achievement and total wellness. Ongoing sessions will help you live life with vitality and passion, true to your values, understand your fears and to let go of taking things personally. 

Debora Cohen, CEHP, Author, Speaker

ACEP State and South Bay Rep

Certified Energy Health Practitioner  

Soul Detective Level One

Law of Attraction Wealth Coach

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

IET Master Energy Therapist

Medical Qigong

Reiki Master

Spiritual Emergencies

Chakra/kundalini integration 



AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor