I am looking for volunteers to write me their experience of how Acts of Environmentalism affect their overall health and wellbeing. My goal is to bring awareness the the world that the state of our Environment has a direct affect and effect to our overall health and wellbeing. There are many ways people involve themselves in Environmentalism. I will write up as many as I can:

Plant trees, pick up litter, rescue animals, donate to Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), eat organic, plant their own gardens, become vegan, eat only organic, or grass fed free range meet, eat only organic milk products, buy non-GMO, look for certified humane labels on animal products i.e. eggs, donate or volunteer for clean water and or clean air organizations, be aware of how animals are being treated around the world in the air, water, and land, wearing organic cotton, being aware of the effect of industries on people and animals, concern about the ozone and basically being concerned about the planet., etc.

Hi Debora - 
Thanks for your interest in, and invitation to share, healing through acts of environmentalism. 
I have been a full-time climate advocate and educator since 2009, when I stopped being what I call a climate change "avoider". My climate journey has been as much, or more, about changing me than addressing the issue of global warming. This is not what I would have predicted when I started!
My own experience, and what I've learned by talking to people in my community and across the country, is that the climate change "monster" is keeping many of us frozen in despair and hopelessness. The flip side of that is that the relief that comes from facing our worst fears is exhilarating and liberating. That certainly has been my experience. 
The healing that I have experienced through the last seven years of lobbying political leaders, volunteering for Citizens' Climate Lobby, starting a local Transition Network group in my community, getting trained by Climate Reality, and (most recently) writing a book encouraging others to "unfreeze themselves" has been emotional and spiritual more than physical. Energy healing, particularly EFT, has helped me enormously as well. In facing my fear of the overwhelming problem of climate change, and accepting responsibility to do what I could do to create change, and (eventually) accepting what I could not change, released an enormous amount of my creative energy. This energy had been previously locked up in avoiding/pushing down the fear that this topic generated in me.
As I explain in my book, during a conversation with my husband one morning, "Unexpectedly, I felt an inner shift occur. I realized that it was time to stop letting fear be the deciding factor in my life. For someone who had always been anxious, releasing that burden was a huge relief. My life on the outside doesn't look that different than it did three years ago, but my inner experience has changed dramatically. Fear still drops by regularly, but I no longer invite it inside to make itself at home."
The climate crisis is, among other things, an invitation to unfreeze our emotions. As Naomi Klein says, we owe it to ourselves and our children to feel the fear; paradoxically, in doing so we create the conditions to experience greater joy as well.
Christine Penner Polle
Red Lake, Ontario

Hello Debora
Interesting concept! I was just speaking to a friend about how being an animal rights activist can be so rewarding, but it can also be very depressing and finding that balance to mental health can be trying some days with all going on in the world with animals and people. 
I am also a former environmental engineer and found that line of work, even though wearing protective gear, was very detrimental to my health and well being.
I can share stories sometime and write more when I finish up with some classes I am taking myself.
All the best

This next article is a great! It's about how being environmentally aware  by eating organic, using organic products on skin and eating mostly a vegan diet has greatly improved health problems.

My name is Lenka and I am a 36 years old female. I have suffered with migraines, being overweight, having bad skin and low energy levels for years. I used to work as a hotel manager and my job was all about stress and long working hours. I usually ate takeaways and suffered with migraines 2 – 3 times per month. The migraine usually lasted 3 days.

One day I talked to my housemate who studied physiology at a university and she told me about how food helps patients to recover. I started researching about food industry and I was shocked by my findings. I worked out that I can prepare food in advance and then just grab it and go in the morning. I liked the idea of food in jars. Later I read about benefits of organic food and I decided to give it a try. That required more planning in advance because organic vegetables are more expensive and their shelf life is obviously shorter than common vegetables in supermarkets. I have started ordering a weekly organic veg box from the local supplier. I have learnt to use the veg I have in the fridge and my cooking skills have significantly improved.  Within 3 months of changing my diet pattern I had lost a stone, my skin had improved and my migraine fits decreased.

At work the stress level had become unbearable so I decided to quit. I got a part-time job in a museum working in the busy visitor services. I had to find another part-time job to be able to pay all of my bills, so I found an evening job in a restaurant working as a waitress. Unfortunately, some days I work both jobs which means I am on my feet for 15 hours with only two 30 minutes breaks.

Furthering my food research, I decided to quit drinking coffee; I limited my gluten intake and stopped eating food containing processed sugar. I restricted the meat and dairy that I ate and making my diet 80% vegan, gluten and processed sugar free. I have also stopped drinking alcohol and only have one or two glasses of wine or a couple of cocktails on very rare occasions. My energy levels have rapidly increased and I have been able to keep up with my long working hours.

I have never had a sweet tooth but from time to time I do crave something sweet. I searched for vegan, raw and refined sugar free sweets; I started making them at home and offered them to my friends and colleagues at work. One of my friends got hooked on them so much that we founded a company and now we sell them.

At the same time I have started experimenting with organic cosmetics. It made sense to me that there is no point of feeding my body to organic food if the biggest organ (my skin) is still being bombarded with chemicals from creams, washing powders, decorative cosmetics and so on. To my horror I found out that many of these healthy, organic and ethic products were way above budget. So my best friend Google came handy once again. I found recipes for home-made cosmetics, made them at home under the suspicious looks of my housemates and then adjusted them to my needs.  Currently, I buy decorative cosmetics which are free from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals. I buy facial cream from Lavera cosmetics which comes in a tin and not a plastic packaging. I use organic coconut oil as a make-up remover, organic argan oil to moisturize my skin and my hair, a shampoo from a healthy store, and an organic soap bar or castile soap as a body-wash. I wash my clothes with eco laundry egg, which has a minimum impact on environment and my skin and it costs me only £12 a year. I make my own deodorant and tooth paste. At the moment I am also trialing home-made sun cream and I want to make my own shampoo and conditioner and then to investigate soap making.

I can see an immensely positive impact on my health and well-being since I have changed my diet and my lifestyle and I won’t be looking back. My next steps are to become fully vegan and have a zero-waste household. In order to reach this I am going to challenge myself to be plastic free in June and then slowly reduce my waste until I am living a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Before I became a certified Fairyologist, I couldn't open the Peta material in the mail asking for donations because the information this organization shared was so horrific! While studying with Doreen Virture, Doreen also mentioned the terrible suffering that happens to animals. Doreen mentioned that China is using dogs for leather and they are being skinned alive. She said to be aware of buying leather maid in China it is most likely made from dogs. After completing my Fairyology course, I now open every Peta envelop and read whats going on and face the tears if they come. I will not be in denial anymore. I also donate if I can even if it is a little bit. I'm not a perfect environmentalist but I am going to try to be a little bit better, at least more aware.

A healing from a certified organic farmer from Whidbey Island, WA.


Having retired in 1994, settled on Whidbey Island, and built a one acre commercial vegetable garden, and taken on an expert gardener as a business partner, life was going pretty well.

Then one day around year 2000 I noticed something expanding in my abdomen kind of growing from left to right across my mid section.  It didn't hurt so I ignored it at first.  But I eventually (a year) decided to get a physical which included a blood test.  A few days later my doctor call and said I have a low grade blood problem and I need to see an oncologist, (cancer doctor).  To make a long story short, I had a bone marrow problem.  My bone marrow was producing some defective white blood cells.  The defect was that some white cells were being put into my blood with hair growing on them.  My oncologist called it "Hairy Cell Leukemia" 

My spleen was filtering my blood and was putting the hairy cells "in jail" thus making the spleen grow with all those new residents with the hairy faces being captured.

This started me on a chemo therapy regiment a couple of times a month at the hospital that took 2 hours per visit.  They made me comfortable in a nice easy chair with warm blankets and a thing in my arm that supplied water and chemo.  Usually one or 2 other patients were in the cubical with me.  After about a year the frequency dropped to 4 times a year.

This regiment continued like clockwork until, one day, my partner Sally and her daughter became vegans and acquired a juicer for themselves and started drinking a mix of apple, carrot, kale and lemon juice.  One day my partner Sally handed me a glass filled with an ugly looking green drink and said, "drink this."  This started me on a daily drink of the green stuff.

One and a half months went by and it was time for my chemo treatment at the hospital.  I did my blood draw 2 days earlier so my oncologist, a pleasant Chinese man, had already looked at it.  When I got there my oncologist said, "What you been doing?  Your blood is OK.  No chemo required today!"  I told him the only change was the green drink.  He said keep it up!

One of the benefits of good blood is that the spleen wont have to capture any bad guys and will stay small like it should!

What I wrote you IS IT!!  The only thing different was the green drink.  My diet was always the same, as it is now.  I may have reduced my fat intake a little, I don’t know.  I’ve been drinking the green drink for about 5 years, and over those 5 years my blood has gradually improved.  No doctor has ever cleared me of Hairy Cell Leukemia!!  That’s why I have to keep going to the hospital every 3 months for a blood test; to make sure it has not flared up, and that my spleen has stayed small.  Hairy Cell Leukemia will never be wiped out!!  Just kept under control. 

Frank Parente