Kundalini Awakening Transformation Therapy​ (KATT)

If you are a mental or health care professional or you just are interested in Kundalini and learning about chakra yoga and energy, this course is for you! This course will give you confidence and tools to work with patients, clients and yourself when the subjects of energy or kundalini or unexplained body experiences arises.

If you are a psychiatrist and work with patients who are on medicine because they have had an intense kundalini experience this course will greatly enhance your skills in helping them get of medicine. 


Learn how to be an energy healer in the comfort of your own home and schedule phone consultations at your convenience. Learn how to invoke Kundalini awakening safely for yourself and your clients. Learn how to diagnose a Kundalini awakening experience.

Videos include:

  • lectures on the chakras. These short videos offers some of my experience and insight into working with each chakra.
  • Chakra yoga. These short chakra yoga videos for each chakra gives you the opportunity to do a short yoga practice of your own. The practice is very gentle and meditative. You will have a chance to journal after each video. You are able to pick and choose which chakra you want to work on.
  • Pranayama & Bandhas. These are great little videos that explain basic yoga deep energy breathing and the three basic yoga energy locks of the body. 
  • Energy Attunements. These energy attunements help to "turn on" or strengthen your work as an energy therapist and healer.
  • Energy Corrections. The bio energy field (also can be referred to as the Aura) can get out of balance, switched, and or reversed. A simple and unique heart meditation can help correct many of these imbalances resulting in more clarity, grounding, stability and energy. 
  • Invocations. Kundalini is a highly spiritual energy that utilizes the powers of heaven and earth. Kundalini itself is the powerful spirit of creation. While the word God is associated of the Divine Male aspect of the Heavens, the word Goddess is his counter part and associated with creation and earth. It is wise to work directly with the Goddess when working safely with kundalini. The invocations will help you to call upon her for protection, safety and nurturing. We are all of her children after all.
  • Kundalini Awakening Meditation. This was given to me by the Goddess and all of my years of education and experience.The meditation starts with hand positions call mudras to energize each chakra and ends with a chakra spin to help with kundalini rising. This is the meditation in the back of my book on Kundalini that is required for this training.  
  • KATT Certificate of Completion. After you have finished all of the material, videos and 6 consultations, you will be a certified Kundalini Awakening Transformation Therapist!

Online Energy Training package combines

over 25 videos, and 6 private 
1/2 hour phone sessions for only $777.00.