A personal heart felt note from a student of our recent wellness retreat  

Dear Debora, 
I had such a wonderful time at your yoga/meditation retreat held at Santa Cruz earlier this month.  With your lovely guidance, I learned that several yoga positions are actually easier to do int the sand (I'm not at the lotus head stand pose level...yet), but learned just from this day my fear of failure was holding me back from doing more advanced positions.  I even stopped doing yoga for months because of it,  and have since found I could do more advanced positions than I even knew, and have the confidence now to further explore this wonderful art. 

This one day with you, helped break through barriers I set upon myself which has me exploring other issues I've subconsciously allowed to hold me back from further pursuing.  I'm amazed by what I've been able to achieve from this experience and extend my deepest gratitude and joy for giving me the most fun yoga session I've ever had, along with a deeply beautiful guided meditation. 

All of us truly had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fire burning ceremony after our meaningful meditation/journaling session.  I'll never forget this fabulous day and thought the way this was capped off by a visit from a dolphin frolicking so close to shore we could have swam to (as the sun set), describes the entire day, magical!  But fun is a close 2nd. 
    - Namaste, Lisa 


As a worker in high tech​ for over 30 years, it was a pleasant surprise when i tried Debora's yoga class at Micron Technology a few years back. She has a very kind and easy way of easing everyone into Yoga and making it thoroughly enjoyable. Let me tell you how great it is to relax at mid-week (Wednesday) as part of the regular schedule. It is a huge stress reducer, and Debora does a fantastic job. Even her kind demeanor tends to relax you; she is always happy and smiling and cracking jokes. So if your company is considering to set up on site Yoga classes, I whole heartedly recommend Debora with a huge thumbs up. And her music is really cool too! Now that I am retiring and moving to N.C. I will miss her classes in a major way. Good luck Deb! J-Bill Kammerer.

Insightful Relaxation therapy has helped manage my stress and improve my focus. I threw out my back 3+ times two years ago. Yoga and Insightful Relaxation therapy has helped to the point where I haven't had major issues with my back for a year. I also use the meditation tools I learned from Debora to help fall asleep when life/work stress is running high. 

    - Adam- Finance business professional.


I want to thank you so much for teaching me energy therapy. This has been the guiding outline force of my life since we started in the year 2000. It has taught me to release others expectations, release my own expectations and be brave enough to follow my heart and my soul's true path.

Debora has helped me uncover my intuition’s source of power, she has helped me come into closer meaningful contact with the source of this power.  She has helped me apply this to things in my personal life as well as in my business. Debora has helped me understand the meaning of my dreams as expressions of my state of mind and being.  With her knowledge of what different items in dreams represent, she has helped me realize perhaps what led to these dreams and what the dreams reveal about my current state.  

During our phone sessions I have felt my chakras clearing.  I have had experience with chakra clearing in the past from working with Debora during in-person sessions before this,  It is amazing to me that she is able to clear a person’s chakras over the phone.

    - Jon Barron - Local business owner and musician.


My name is Ariel, I am 19 years old and have been going to see Deborah for the past couple months for yoga and energy work.  Both have been very helpful to my injuries that cause me daily back pain. She is very enthusiastic, charismatic, and sweet. Just a lovely energy that is addictive and relaxing to be around.

As for the Insightful Relaxation, it was very interesting to me in the beginning and I decided to try it. It always makes me feeling better most the time immediately, but how could you not with how much care and specialized attention Deborah gives you! How it works is she asks you what your intentions would like to be for the session that day, and i can be anything from "I want to have an open mind going into my new classes in college", to physical pain that really needs some attention, to "I have not been feeling well, I am sad, and I need to try to find happiness in everyday things".

She is absolutely wonderful, and I am always looking forward to the next time I see her! The meditation really helps, all you need to do is relax and keep an open mind to what you want to feel better about! You won't regret it, I am very thankful for having the chance to know her!


I am a parent with two small children and a full-time job outside the home.  I generally feel stessed out most days due to my busy schedule.  My Insightful Relaxation sessions with Debora helps me to relax and refocus.  After my sessions, I feel that I approach my kids with more patience and compassion.  I am able to concentrate on what really matters because I am relaxed, rather than overwhelmed.  My mood really affects everyone in my house, so I feel that Insightful Relaxation work is a gift I give to myself and to my family.         - Melinda- Lawyer